Palazzo Borghesi

The historic residence Palazzo Borghesi is an ancient home situated in the heart of Siena on the second floor of the Borghesi palace and a short distance from the Cathedral and Piazza del Campo.  Its strategic position on the upper part of the city offers a singular view of the Basilica dei Servi and the rooftops and surrounding hills of Siena.

The residence has six luxurious rooms which provide a blend of elegance and charm under five-meter vaulted ceilings, each decorated with original frescoes of the 1800s.  The residence was renovated and elegantly restored in 2016 and 2020 under the supervision of the Superintendence of Artistic and Cultural Heritage.

The careful renovation of the Residenza Borghesi can be seen in the details, with finishing touches evident in the quality of its antiques and fine upholstery.  Sheets of Egyptian cotton percale and plush terry-cloth towels and rugs offer the softness and pleasure that only come from high quality linens.  After a restorative shower in the crystal shower walls of the Flaminia design bathrooms, relax in comfortable hooded bathrobes and sample the courtesy Occitane toilettries.  You will be able to navigate the Web with ease thanks to the free WiFi network or the LAN outlets available throughout the building.  In each room you can prepare coffee or herbal tea and biscuits whenever you like. Additionally, two stemmed wine glasses and a champagne bucket allow you sample the sparkling wine or Champagne, kept constantly chilled in a specially designated cooler in the common area.

In the elegant and evocative Great Hall you can relax in front of the large stone fireplace and read a book or magazine or simply look out onto the renowned Via di Città and Piazza Postierla where during Palio days in July and August you can take in the special features of life in a Contrada.  One corner of the Hall is set up with games for those who like the challenge of chess, cards, dominos or scrabble.  Others may settle in front of the 55-inch flat screen LED TV with an artisan beer or glass of champagne to catch up on their favorite programs, thanks to the satellite channels.

In the central room a large Murano chandelier illuminates the priceless ceiling decorations of delicate green.  Under the red-carpeted stairway is a corner set up with an ice machine and a cooler for pro secco, champagne and artisan beer.  The stairway leads up to a panoramic terrace with a spectacular 270º view, furnished for relaxing with a refreshing drink.


The Palazzo Borghesi (or Borghese), of medieval origin, was built in the first half of the fourteenth century and underwent alterations in the second half of the fifteenth century before being restored between 1513-1514 by the Borghesi family of Monte of the Nine. The building has a number of innovative elements for the Sienese architecture of the sixteenth century. In 1513 the Borghesi facade was decorated with mythological scenes by the Sienese artist Domenico Beccafumi, competing with Il Sodoma, who decorated the facade of the Palazzo Bardi; the decoration of both buildings have unfortunately been lost. The door of Palazzo Borghesi, dating from the early 1800s and embellished by two impressive wooden masks, opens at the sight of the statue of Pope Paul V Borghese, and a valuable frieze by Della Robbia

In the heart of Siena

The Residenza d’Epoca Borghesi is located on the corner of Via S. Pietro and Via di Città, today one of the most elegant streets of Siena, characterized by an almost uninterrupted curtain of palaces, medieval system (City Avenue). Palazzo Borghesi is located right in the heart of the historic center, including palaces, churches, museums and extraordinary monuments: a few steps away are all the famous landmarks of the city: the Cathedral, the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, the Pinacoteca Nazionale, Piazza del Campo, the Town Hall. The facility is also in the very heart of the areas of great shops, a symbol of taste and Italian creativity. They are also very famous shops of artisans, jewelers, antique dealers, showing in their showcases the best creations of the Italian taste. Very popular are also Ceramics, located in various shops

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