Palazzo Borghesi is located in a limited traffic zone LTZ. Guests can access the LTZ for loading and unloading luggage for a maximum time of 60 minutes from the entrance to the exit. The staff can make the transmission of the plate and the time of entrance to the Control Authority (more details will be provided after the reservation)

There are no parking spaces inside the LTZ for tourists.

Here some parking options:

  • Car Valet Leonardo(recommended option): private garage with Car Valet service (guests are taken from the garage to Residenza Borghesi by their car and helped with luggage. The car is taken back to the garage and ready at the main door of Palazzo Borghesi at the departure or at the time you need,  cost of €. 30.00/night. The staff will provide all the details of this service after reservation and a google map link to reach directly the Garage. 
  •  “Il Campopublic garage at €.2,00/hour up to a maximum of €.25,00/24h, about 600mt far from Palazzo Borghesi (outside the LTZ access). Guests can reach us in 7/8 minutes by walk.
  • Parcheggio Pubblicofree public parking at the “Siena Sud” exit, in Via dei Tufi, connected with the old city center by city shuttle service every 15 minutes (30 minutes on holidays), which stops about 300 meters from Palazzo Borghesi.
  •  “La Stazionepublic garage at €.2,00/24h. The taxi service is available in the main square of the train station to Palazzo Borghesi (approximately €.10,00 each way, phone: +39 0577 49222).